Sunday, March 30, 2008


We just finished dinner, and it was so incredibly good that I am hereby noting that we need to make it again.

  • Asian Noodles in Broth with Vegetables & Tofu & Steak, Seaweed Salad with Sweet Sesame Vinaigrette. These are from Peter Berley's Flexitarian cookbook, and like most of the recipes in this book, they took a little longer to make than his Fresh Food Fast recipes. I usually reserve Sunday evening for one of these, to give myself plenty of time for the prep work and still be able to eat at 6:30. Everything was a huge hit with the family - Hazel didn't like the seaweed salad, although she was convinced by Hannah's protestations of love to try it. Jesse has reserved the leftovers for his lunch, and I'm ready to fall asleep.
  • Pennette with Sea Scallops and Broccoli Florets - from this week's NYT magazine, an article proposing the shocking pairing of seafood and cheese.
  • Grilled Mint Lamb Kebobs, Cous Cous with Feta, Mint, Peas and Carrots.
  • Fettucine with Spring Vegetables & Meyer Lemons - from the Green's Cookbook, which we've loved for years. I was thrilled to see a huge display of Meyer Lemons as soon as I walked into the market today - I must've been channeling them.
  • White Bean Soup - we didn't make it last week.
  • Spaghetti or Puttanesca if we don' eat out.

We had a jam-packed weekend - the county caucus, an evening out with good friends, three shopping trips before an early-afternoon birthday party, and then an evening doing prepwork. I do have more to say, but no inclination to do so today.

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