Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Grab Bag

This afternoon I played hooky from work and picked up the girls from school early. We went to a carnival that comes to town each spring, bought $20 unlimited wristbands, and had a blast. The girls brought a friend, one who is naturally more adventurous than Hannah or Hazel. Her enthusiasm was enough encouragement for Hannah, who got on rides she wouldn't normally look at - the big boat thing that rocks sideways, seemingly about to tip over, something call the wave, which goes up, down and sideways, and other speedy-fast, twisty-twirly rides which I couldn't bear to watch. Instead, I took Hazel, whose ideas of fun correspond to mine, to ride the Merry Go Round, the Choo Choo Train, and other small pleasurable rides.

Then we came home and grilled our lamb kebobs, which were so incredibly delicious, and now Jesse is reading another Junie B Jones story to them before bed.


This weekend, while Hazel and I were running errands, we came across an accident scene with a car on the side of the road and a sheriff's car. Hazel gazed at it thoughtfully, and then pointed out to to me: "What if there were no stoplights? And you had to go to the bathroom? Then there would be accidents and accidents!"


Did you know that if your washing machine lets the water from the spin cycle escape from the drain pipe, AND your dryer's flexible tube is torn, that you end up with LINTY MUD on your utility room floor? It's true (like a lot of things are true).


I did caucus on Saturday. I left at 8 am, arrived after 9 am - it's maybe 10 mile away, but 13,000 people were all trying to get there at the same time. There were cars in front of me.

And cars behind me.

I stayed until 4 pm. Our precinct could send 2 delegates and 2 alternates to the state convention, and due to the short-sightedness of the 9 Clinton delegates, we got to send 1 delegate AND the 2 alternates for Obama. It was a long day, and I did not volunteer to be a delegate for the State convention, as fun as it might be. When I go to Denver, it will not be for politics!

Smith was there too, across the aisle - and Senate District Dividing Line - from me. His district had the BEST sign there.


I AM going to Denver! Krispy and I are heading out for a Mother's Day/Birthday/Girls' Weekend in May to visit Lisa. We won't vote for anyone.


I'm also going to Scottsdale, with Jesse, in just a few weeks. We'll stay at the swanky Phoenician and it's all free.

I will wear this:

for the fancy evening party we have to attend. I might need a wrap. I get cold. What do you think - a purple pashmina shawl? A cute tiny jacket? A hot alcoholic drink? Please send suggestions/adorable articles of clothing!


peevish said...

That dress is adorable! Go for the Pashmina and the hot alcohol.

Jennifer said...

Newsy post. We want to go to CO, too. Its hard to find the time with Anthony's new job and a big vacation in the works already this summer.

blackbird said...

I think a purple pashmina shawl would be perfect!