Thursday, April 10, 2008


Surreal IM with product support tonight:

Trilok: Welcome to Quicken chat support. My name is Trilok [redacted]. Please give me a moment while I review the info you provided.

sinda: thank you

Trilok: Hi Sinda.

sinda: Hello

Trilok: If I understand you correctly you are not sure whether you have purchased the quicken from our web side or not. Is this correct ?

sinda: I did purchase it, I paid $40 + a few minutes ago

sinda: but now I'm not sure if it is compatible with my Mac

Trilok: Have you received any order confirmation number?

sinda: yes it is [redacted]

Trilok: Sinda, according to our data base you have purchased the quicken 2008 deluxe.

sinda: yes, I know

sinda: I would like to use it

Trilok: Since you are our valued customer, I am giving you the free download link so that you can download the setup file and install Quicken. Is that fine for you?

sinda: I have downloaded it already

sinda: tell me HOW to install it on a MAC, please

Trilok: Sinda, I see ....

Trilok: As you have purchased the quicken 2008 program then you can not install it on your mac machine.

sinda: so far, yes

sinda: I'm hoping you can tell me how to install it

Trilok: Sinda, you can purchase the quicken for Mac 2007 and get the refund for quicken 2008 windows.

sinda: ok

sinda: how?

Trilok: I can process for refund for the quicken 2008 windows after that you can visit to our web side and purchase the quicken for Mac.

sinda: OK, thanks

sinda: Can I still get a free willmaker?

sinda: Is there one for Mac?

Trilok: We have quicken for Mac 2007 available.

Trilok: Quicken 2008 for Mac not launched yet.

sinda: I was asking about the WillMaker software which came free with my purchase earlier

Trilok: Exactly!

sinda: can I get a free version which is compatible with the Mac?

Trilok: We can also refund that product which is bonus software.

Trilok: You can not run the will maker plus in Mac operating system .

sinda: ok, thank you

sinda: so I can now go purchase and download Quicken 2007 for Mac and you will credit me back for the 2008 purchase?

Trilok: I will process a refund request for you. I will require 2 to 3 minutes. I will highly appreciate if you can wait?

sinda: yes, thank you

Trilok: I have processed the refund request for you, the amount would reflect back on your credit card account in next 7-10 business days, but it would only appear on your credit card statement in next 1-2 billing cycles.

Trilok: Now you can purchase the quicken for Mac.

sinda: thank you for your help

Trilok: Is there anything else that I can help you with today?

me: Um...no. No. NO.


peevish said...


Did you type this from memory? or what?

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