Thursday, May 01, 2008

Clackety Clack Clack

So tired. Why am I still awake? It may be the chocolate cake...The hamster is running in his (her?) wheel and it's not even a metaphor.

Big work project, done tomorrow, I hope, then a trip to Houston with Hazel for a baby shower for an old and dear friend. Then one more week of work, and it's off to Denver!

Lisa, do we have that hotel for Thursday night too? Kris, we're drinking on the plane, right? If not the airport?

My back is better, for those of you who have asked so kindly, but sleeping is painful - I lie on my back, but once asleep I flip over and that's when the pain starts. I wake up, get positioned again, and repeat. It doesn't make for a restful night.

Yoga last night was PERFECT - an entire class designed for people who sit at desks all day, rounded forward, hunched over a keyboard. I picked up some good practices for 2 minute stretches during the day.

Why do I leave summer camp decisions 'til the last minute, EVERY YEAR?

Has anyone stopped using shampoo in favor of baking soda and apple cider vinegar? I swear I've read about it in three different places within the last few days. HOT TREND, I tell you!

Have I mentioned my distaste for cat pee? Jen, do you have any tips for cats with CRF who PEE on any small random anything left on the floor? The pee, I hate it.

I have this beautiful peace lily plant, which was a sad, bedraggled specimen at work, but has since thrived in my living room. Currently, it has 7+ blooms on it. I need to get a picture...which requires being home during daylight hours.

Hannah brought home a small book today which she wrote and illustrated. The tale of two dwarf hamsters, Curry and Furry, it is three chapters of dialogue and narrative. I love it. And yes, those are our hamsters' names.

Hazel brought home her first-ever knitted lamb - we're as proud of her as she is of herself. She packed yesterday for our trip on Saturday - the girl is READY.

This post has been brought to you by long hours on the road, longer hours at an uncomfortable table over a laptop, yet another Central Market meal, one Hoegaarden, and a piece of chocolate cake and a cup of decaf English Breakfast tea. And a gift for run-on sentences and non-sequitors.

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Jennifer said...

Cats who are urinating inappropriately due to a health problem? That's tough. More litter boxes in more places (gives the cats more acceptable places to choose to go when they get the urge again but they don't want to walk across the house to use an already soiled box) and the Cat Attract litter (available at Petsmart and Petco). And good luck.