Thursday, May 22, 2008

From my lips to your ears

A group of us went to see Pink Martini this week at The Paramount, in downtown Austin. It's a beautiful old theatre space, and I love to see shows there. The band was amazing - 13 people strong, classically trained musicians, and incredibly beautiful vocals. And WOW could they perform. If you've never listened to them, go get their music right away. Hannah Hazel like them so much that I didn't even tell them where we were going - at 8:00 PM, the show was too late for them - as there just would have been tears and recriminations. Listening to Hannah sing the lyrics to Hey Eugene is a treat, but her rendition of Hang On, Little Tomato makes me tear up.

Afterwards, we headed to The Elephant Room for a pint. One of the beers on the menu, Kwak, was unfamiliar to me, so I asked our server about it. Once she said, "It's Belgian," I bit, and ordered a pint. Kris did too, as did another of our party, so we decided to get a pitcher.

And then I got falling down drunk on one glass of beer.

(Plus the two small chardonnays I'd had at the show.)

WTF? While I'm not a big drinker, I can usually be counted upon not to become a nuisance!

The next morning was not my finest hour.

That afternoon, however, Jesse called me to tell me that my honor was not (completely) lost. When he'd told his Belgian colleague about the night (apparently lingering on the details of my inebriated state), she exclaimed, "KWAK! That stuff can mess you up!"

And lo, she was right - it's 8%, baby. Much more than my typical swill. So, all lesson to you all - beware the KWAK! Choose a Pink Martini instead.


peevish said...

HA! I wish I'd been there.

Krispy said...

That explains all the spillage....