Sunday, May 18, 2008

Hodge Podge Mish Mash

Wow, what a beautiful and productive weekend!

Friday afternoon, the family met up in Hannah's classroom to see her and her classmates square dance. They've been dancing all year, and were very proud to show us their moves.

Square Dancing - Red Team
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Saturday, Jesse got up early to go play tennis, then joined us on our way to the Farmers' Market. We loaded up on fennel, bibb lettuce, peaches, basil, carrots, ground beef, buffalo jerky, and whole milk. Whole milk!!! I'm very excited about the milk. We came home, put away our goodies, and then turned around to go to yoga - we all went, the girls to one class and Jesse and I to another.

Then, Hazel had decided to cut her hair, and at Super Cuts, NOT Bird's, so we headed there next. Hannah had been growing her hair out for months, in preparation for donating it to Locks of Love, and was ecstatic to learn that Super Cuts could send it in for her AND that her hair was long enough to leave a cute bob behind after the cut.

Two cute haircuts later, we headed over to pick up our CSA basket, and then took those veggies home to unload - chard, spinach, tomatoes, several kinds of summer squash, strawberries, peppers sweet and spicy, arugula, and eggs.

We hadn't yet gone swimming this year, so we decided to head over to Big Stacy in the afternoon - it was cloudy, but in the mid-70's, and plenty of folks had the same idea.

But wait! Our day is not yet over!

We dried off, and went to WFM to eat dinner and complete the weekly shop. We ate our asian soups outside, but soon got caught in the rain, so we hurried in, got some hot cocoas to warm our insides up, and groceried away. Finally, time to go home and go to bed.

Last night, we started The Saturdays - have you read these books? I could only read half of Chapter Two (Saturday Two) tonight - there was much disappointment.

Today I went to my regular yoga class, praise be to all that is good, which makes it a two-class weekend for me, a rarity these days. Then to Home Depot to spend a gift certificate on heavily medicated annuals and some new tomato cages. Once home, I planted my stuff, installed my cages, filled the bird feeders, washed and hung and folded laundry, made lemon ice cream (YUM), and decided to pressure wash the patio. Jesse helped me with the last project -picking up the washer from Home Depot, pulling the cord to start it, and cursing when the water sprayed everywhere. Also, he washed much of the patio. When Hannah came home, she marveled at its whiteness.

Where was Hannah? Since 8 AM she'd been stalking our neighbor, who didn't answer her phone or her door. We made her wait until 9 to try again- no luck. Finally we learned that she was at her grandmother's and would return later in the day.

This did not stop Hannah. She ended up spending half of the day at the neighbors' house, even though for most of that time, there were no other children present. Now, these neighbors are perfectly capable of sending a child home - they have no qualms. Yet, they let her stay, color, make cornbread, and do who-knows-what-else, all afternoon. We didn't even realize that Hannah was there with no child until hours had passed...needless to say, she had a very enjoyable day, doing her own thing. She was finally reunited with her friend about an hour before dinner (!).

So now I've got a clean patio, clean laundry, clean kitchen, and a mostly clean house. It will be in the 90's this week with lows from the 50's (tonight, and the past few nights), warming up to the 60's and even high 70's by the end of the week, so this is probably the end of open-window season. I've managed to stave off the air-conditioning for this long, which is pretty miraculous for these parts, but I think tonight might be the last one. Nonetheless, I am so freakin' thrilled that hot weather is finally here that I don't mind at all.

One last thing - have you seen the latest Harry Potter movie - Order of the Phoenix? We've been watching it for the last three nights and it's not really working for me. Your thoughts?


peevish said...

That is one busy weekend. Glad you
enjoyed it! Now I want to see Hannah's new 'do.

peevish said...

I forgot to say, yeah, the HP movie is only so-so. Number 3 is still my favorite.