Saturday, May 31, 2008

Lotta Fun

Last year Kris and family went to Vancouver, and because she is thoughtful and clever and plotty-like, she bought some things and saved them all the way from summer until Christmas, when she generously and thoughtfully gifted them to me. I love these sticky notes, and have incorporated them into my weekly grocery shop routine. I assign each tab a subject: Meat/Dairy/Bread, Meat, Veggies, and Pantry. As I make my menus, I add needed items to the appropriate sticky. Once my list is compete, I transfer my stickies to my Moleskine pocket daily planner, and off I go. I LOVE this notepad! And while, rationally, I knew I could Google to find more, I hadn't yet, and I've been dreading their consumption. So thanks, Heather, for your post - it brightened my morning to see these online. And, Kris, thanks again for being such a wonderful friend.

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