Saturday, May 10, 2008

Italian Frogs

We ate dinner in a lovely restaurant in Downtown Denver last night called Osteria Marcos. The service was great - friendly waitstaff, prompt attention - and the food was very good. Even the beets, which Lisa said tasted like dirt and Kris said tasted like worms. I, on the other hand, think they tasted like beets, roasted and served cold with chopped hazelnuts, a little mint, and clementine wedges.

Lisa, as you might imagine, has several cameras on her at all times, so Kris sent her to the ladies' to capture the frog wallpaper there. I thought I'd snap it with my phone and share it with you now. Friendly, aren't they? Frog legs were not on the menu, although to what Lisa and Kris would have compared their taste I shudder to imagine.

Other than the beets, we shared a cheese and salumi antipasti, roasted Marcona almonds with rosemary and housemade chili-oil, an incredible shrimp salad with a little pesto, arugula, finely shopped red bell peppers (roasted and drenched in EVOO), and garbanzo beans. The grilled shrimp were served on small warm pita-like slices with a little bed of pesto.

We also ordered a shaved lamb salad, but I was too full to eat anything other than a small taste of the lamb, which was nice. Lisa had ordered a prosciutto and arugula pizza, but luckily we were able to cancel the order before it came because we were SO. FREAKIN. FULL. Too full for dessert, anyway, which says ALOT.

I had terrific cocktail success yesterday - first,at lunch, a capirhina, which is my new favorite beverage, and which I aspire to mix this summer. I'm to lazy to google the spelling, so if it's wrong, eh. Then, an Amalfi Coast, containing gin and Apero. No idea what Apero is but it's closely related to Campari - it was delish.

Today I woke up at 5 am - I know! Crazy! - and couldn't get back to sleep, so I showered quietly (I hope) and snuck out of the room to the hotel's ground floor, where they provide and computers and breakfast. I'm still waiting for breakfast to be ready, but my loss is your gain. Right?

More tales from Denver later. Coffee calls.


Jennifer said...

I am sorry you couldn't sleep but glad you posted, as I was wondering what you gals were up to.

Prosciutto and arugula pizza is one of my favorites. I would have definitely eaten that over the beets.

peevish said...

Aperol is the milder cousin of Campari. That was a wonderful cocktail.