Tuesday, May 13, 2008

QOTD - pee

In response to my recent complaints about TOAST and her PEE, Jennifer kindly suggested that we place additional litter boxes around the house. "Litter Boxes!" I exclaimed quietly to myself, "Excellent idea!"

I haven't had litter boxes for years. We've had a dog door installed in every house we've lived in for the last ten years, and the cats used it as well as the dogs. I have no desire to clean up after cats, who are smart enough to take care of themselves, I think. But under the circumstances, it seemed like a good time to capitulate. So thank you, Jennifer, for the perfect solution which was so clearly evading me!

All of this was a lead in for the QOTD. I put some canned food down, and was looking for Toast. "Maybe," suggested Hazel, "maybe she's littering."


Jennifer said...

Sinda, you made my day! Rarely does any one with a cat pee problems think my suggestions are clear and easy!

peevish said...

Did the solution work?