Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Things We Do to Save Energy, Money, or, Felicitiously, Both

  1. Thermostat
    1. Ours is from the City, and they reserve the right to cycle us off for ten minutes per hour during peak times. We never notice it.
    2. It's also programmable, so it's easy to have it set on high when we're not home, yet have the house cooler by the time we return. I keep it on 78 during the summer, and I think 68 or 70 during winter. I've already forgotten winter.
  2. Commute. Luckily, ours are short. Jesse's is 3/10 of a mile, school and my office are 4 miles from home.
  3. Clothing
    1. Clothesline - I am so loving my clothesline! It's a meditative process to hang the clothes; I look forward to it. Sheets hung to dry outdoors are incomparable.
    2. Cool Water - I don't use hot any more when I wash clothes. Just cool and warm, and I don't use the auto-temp thingie that uses more electricity to regulate the temp.
  4. Ceiling Fans - thanks to my super-handy brother in law, we have one in each bedroom now. I'd like to add two or three more this summer.
  5. CFC Lightbulbs - we've switched most of them out.
  6. Appliances - we recycled our old frig with the city, so all of our appliances are now energy-star.
  7. CSA - local produce. So delicious, so few miles traveled. So good for all parties. I love my CSA!
  8. Hot Water - the hot water heater is set to 120 degrees, which makes me a little sad for about 10 minutes after Jesse showers, and then I forget it.
  9. Shopping bags - all reusable, and I've finally trained myself not to forget them.
  10. Dishwasher - who knew being lazy was also a way to be green?
  11. Native Plants - my whole front yard, about a third of an acre, is essentially pasture. We don't water it and rarely mow it.
Kris and Jenn go way farther than we do, and we hold them in high esteem. Thanks for setting good examples, friends!


Jennifer said...

Hey, I totally wasn't expecting that shout-out at the end, but thanks!

Yes, I am getting a little addicted to the clothesline, too. I think about all the women who went before me, doing this same thing. And, women all over the world, but not so much here in the US. My Nana, who had 8 babies from the time she was 20 until she was 40, often said one of her favorite memories was all the nappies (diapers) clean and hanging to dry on the line. I used to think she meant it reminded her of a happy time with lots of little ones around. Now I know she meant more than that - that is the best part of laundry day, when the articles are clean and dry and good-smelling. Folding them is OK, too. But putting them all away - meh.

peevish said...

I guess we really should get a clothesline. The clothes would be dry before I finished hanging them!

And now that I have a bike, it is easy to make a quick run up to LiquorLand for more hooch, the Green way!

Krispy said...

Ya'll are pushing me to the clothesline! I keep eyeballing my weird new yard to figure out where I could hang it. I would love to see it hooked up to the phone pole in the backyard...