Monday, June 23, 2008


Hannah lost a tooth yesterday - #5, in case you're counting along at home. In our house, it's widely known but rarely acknowledged that Jesse and I are, in fact, "The Tooth Fairy." Instead, we call her Atheria, and pretend we can cajole special items from her in exchange for small, bloody teeth. The following letters were traded last night and today:

"Dear Atheria,

Pleace may I have a Bas-ug for my tooth.

Love, Hannah"


"My Dearest Hannah,

Thank you for the little tooth. It was quite a surprise - I hadn't expected it tonight!

I see that you want a dog, a Bassug. I don't think your parents are quite ready for a new pet yet - your mother has known Toast longer than she's known your father, and George for almost as long. When they are ready, however, I will make sure that your desires are given full consideration. Until then, here is some money* for your Bassug Savings Fund.

All my love, Atheria"



"Dear Atheria,

I would like one mor doler pleace.

Thangk you."


peevish said...

"Dear Hannah,

I would like one more tooth.

You're welcome."

Bassug? omg, don't give in.

Krispy said...

I just KNEW that tooth was out!

and Bassug and Fugley sound like they belong in the same sentence. But I'm sure they aren't. I guess I'm going to have to google them and fall in love - because you know Smith and the pugs and me and my growing up with a basset...