Sunday, June 22, 2008

Natural Beauty

For Father's Day, in addition to losing a hamster and a cat, we packed up and headed the 30 miles or so to Hamilton Pool. Formed by a collapsed cave, it's a perfect example of one of the best things about living in Austin - an abundance of natural swimming holes.

Inside the half-cave, it's cool, dark, and damp, with ferns growing in the seeping water and moss covering the walls.

Outside, it's Hill Country - scrubby, dry, baked earth. It was hard to balance the light in these photos.

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peevish said...

Challenging conditions, indeed. You could try some post-processing to correct light/dark levels. Just open the photo in whatever software you use, go to "color", then "levels", then try clicking "auto-correct" or "auto". That will often balance things for you.

ok, enough geeking out. I still remember the first time I ever saw/swam in Hamilton's pool, as a 13 year old. My aunt took me camping with her and my cousin, who was just a baby then. I guess he has died of old age by now. Anyway, that place is amazing. I hope Jesse had a great Father's Day, and a perfect Birthday as well! Hi Jesse!