Sunday, June 15, 2008

RIP, Furry - updated

Dateline: June 15th, 2008

Update, 6:50 PM

We were gone most of the day, and when we came back, I headed outside to hang my laundry. As I was enjoying this bucolic reverie, I noticed a whiff of stink...a stench...an unmistakable odor of dead animal. It was faint, and came with the wind, but real.

That tears it - she's dead, I thought. She was bound to be, what with the chronic renal condition and the 98 degree day and the lack of water...but still, we had been holding out hope. I scouted the back of the yard - no pile of fur. I ventured farther and farther into the woods beyond the yard - occasional stronger scents, one sleeping squirrel, but no cat. Toast is a tortoise-shell creature, and the woods are full of brown leaves...this wasn't going to be easy.

Jesse came outside, headed to see a movie with a friend, and I had to tell him my news. I hated to send him off like that, but he deserved to know.

I went even farther into the woods, and finally caught the strongest scent yet. Then I saw it - a small, baby fawn - dead. It was very young, not even a foot high. I'd seen its mother wandering the woods today and yesterday, passing by this same spot, but never questioned it. There weren't any predator marks on its body, so I have no idea how or why it died - but it wasn't my cat.

She's still out there, somewhere.

Update, 10:50 AM

Query - are Dwarf hamsters toxic? Still no sign of Toast.

Update, 9:30 AM

  1. Found, one runaway hamster. Part of it, anyway.
  2. Missing, one cat. Presumably sated.


Jennifer said...

How sad for the fawn and hamster, but I'm glad Toast lives on!!!

peevish said...

Evil never dies, it just passes in to another level of existence. Still, I'm glad you didn't find her corpse. She's always been there, somehow.

Are the girls upset about the hamster?

Sinda said...

Thanks, ladies. I didn't quite spill the beans about the hamster, because I didn't want to prejudice the jury against Toast...maybe, now, a moot point. Although maybe not - maybe she'll go down in memory with a lily-white reputation as far as hamsters are concerned.