Monday, July 07, 2008

furniture and festivals

The girls started their camp today, along with some neighbors and a friend who is staying with us for a bit. The upside for me is that I get the house to myself during lunch - yeah!

We had a full weekend - Thursday, we bought and borrowed new furniture, and had a mini-makeover. If I knew where the camera cable was, I'd show you pictures! However, I can tell you that we no longer own that Heywood Wakefield table,* thanks to a lovely couple who relocated to Austin post-Katrina. We're also planning to have the interior painted, which has the girls very excited and choosing bright turquoise and shocking green colors.

We also marched in the neighborhood parade, which Angela posted about (with pictures!) earlier. The slip-n-slide was up from 10 am until almost 10 pm, and the children were divided into groups of small, medium and large. Bigger children tended to be more boisterous and injurious to smaller children, and smaller children tended to get more ambitious when paired with larger kids, so we had to split them up. The adults went on around 8 pm, after they'd eaten BBQ and had plenty of beer. Now, that's entertainment.

* wow - I took my sweet time selling the thing, didn't I? What's funny is that it sold this time within a day, for the same amount I'd asked last time.


peevish said...

Congrats on the new furniture!

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