Sunday, July 13, 2008

Last week

It's a blur, really. Camp. Houseguests. Work.

Thursday - 12 hour day at work. Friday - 12 hour day at work. Saturday - 12 hour day at work. Sunday - 6 hour day at work. Hey, 50% improvement!

I did get to go to yoga, which made it 200% improvement. Lisa, I got to bend next to Yoga Jen!

Hannah's room was painted - that's exciting news! Hazel's is next, then ours, then the bathrooms and ceilings in the rest of the house, and finally the room I'm in now. Kris and I are plotting some really fun color combos for this room - thanks for being my design guru, Kris.

Pictures soon - we have a ton to upload, now that we found another cable. Still no clue where the regular one went to. I've been hearing rats scampering through the walls lately - delightful, no? - so maybe they took it.


Anonymous said...


checking in to see how your day went! hopefully the yoga help you through. great seeing you today and thanks for giving me a shout out here!

yoga jen

peevish said...

Hi Sin! Hi Jen! Hi Toni!

Hope this week is better...

Krispy said...

Is it sad to be so excited about somebody else's house getting painted? I! CAN'T! WAIT! TO! SEE! IT!