Tuesday, August 05, 2008


Even though it's only the early August, we're gearing up for Back to School over here. Jesse went back to the classroom yesterday, and the girls start on the 21st and 27th - Hannah in the same classroom as last year, since they go for three years at a time, and Hazel for her first year in the same class as Hannah.

We've been on a bedtime roller coaster this summer - first keeping to our schedule, than wildly diverging from it, then back on track, and then, this last weekend, staying up late and sleeping until 9. One good thing about Jesse going back to work before they go to school is that it will help us bring the bedtimes back into shape as well as the mornings...

Last night, Jesse came home and made a quick dinner, and by 6:00 we'd all eaten, and he and the girls headed off to the pool. They swam until it closed at 8:00, stopped for ice cream, and then came home. As soon as I'd read a chapter or two of Fudge-a-Mania, they CRASHED.

Our pool has two big slides, and one small slide - only one person can go at a time, so Hazel hasn't tried the big ones yet - she's convinced they are too scary. Hannah worked up her nerve when we took a daring friend with us, and now that's all she wants to do - slide, swim to the edge, climb the stairs, and slide again. Hazel, meanwhile, is a little fish, swimming and diving all over the place. She likes to go down the little slide too.

It's a good thing they went yesterday, since it is supposed to rain today (YEAH!) courtesy of TS/Hurricane-to-be Edouard.
I wrote this yesterday and sadly, we got only minimal rainfall. Edouard was a wimp.


peevish said...

what would we do without swimming pools?

Jennifer said...

Yeah, thank goodness Edouard cooled us off 3 degrees.