Sunday, August 03, 2008

Like a Cantaloupe

Thursday was Hazel's birthday - the big SIX. We headed into town to eat at Sweetish Hill Bakery, and share a Pain au Chocolat for dessert. Next stop, Whole Foods to pick up picnic fixin's - the cousins were coming into town, and we wanted to take them to the outdoor musical production Beauty and The Beast - free, fun and fabulous entertainment for the 10 and under set. After loaded up with fried chicken, cole slaw, green beans and beer in cans (no glass, natch), we ran home to drop off the food and headed to the toy store (Terra Toys, for those following along at home).

Hazel's wish list had varied so dramatically, and we had planned so poorly, that we'd given her a budget to blow on her very own shopping spree. Ever sensible, she purchased one baby sling - a little larger and roomier than her beloved Zolowear baby doll sling she's had for a few years now. Also, two matching cloth diapers.

Once home, the wait began in earnest for the family to arrive. Jesse and I cleaned and laundered, a friend came over, and the girls grew more and more impatient as the promised hour came and went. Hazel had made lemonade the day before, so at the last minute, I wet-mopped the kitchen to rid it of sticky sugar and lemon residue. Seconds later, Hazel tore off into the kitchen to get something and slipped on the floor - the classic, feet thrown up in front of you head knocked on the floor slip and fall.

She wailed for a good ten minutes, which gave me pause - she's a snap-out-of-it sort of person, but once the cousins arrived a few minutes later, she headed into the back of the house with them to play and I breathed a sigh of relief.

Obviously, too soon - she soon came back, lay down on the floor beside me, and wanly resisted opening gifts, eating cupcakes (this from a devoted sugar junkie), playing or interacting with anyone...it was pitiful to behold. I googled, and decided since she hadn't lost consciousness and wasn't throwing up, we were probably ok. Plus her pupils matched each other in size. She finally consented to eat a popsicle...and that's when she got nauseous, and then fell asleep...and that's when we called the pediatrician.

The nurse said to wake her up and have her walk around, head to the ER, and to call an ambulance to meet us there if we got stuck in traffic (4:45 on a weekday afternoon in Austin...).

Jesse's sister and BIL stayed with Hannah and their kids and whatever neighborhood kids were over, and we hightailed to to Dell Children's. We made it there in record time, and had the best ER experience EVER. Triage within 5 minutes, a room within another 10 - and not due to the seriousness of the patient, as our patient had perked up mid-way there and began chatting a mile a minute and was completely back to her normal sunny self. No, the speed of treatment was entirely due to the high ratio of staff to patients and the great attitude everyone there had.

Our doctor said all the right things, that she looked good, but we'd have to check on her every two hours or so all night and she wouldn't be out of the woods for 24 hours, or...we could do a CT Scan and make sure her head was intact and rest easy. We chose to rest easy, got the scan, got the all clear, and were released within two hours of arriving, TWO. HOURS. I know, I can't believe it either!

Also, they gave Hazel a piece of cake and a present (!) - a baby doll - since it was her birthday.

On our way home, we picked up pizza, and ended up skipping the play to stay home and relax. The kids did finally eat the cupcakes and went to bed at maybe 11 or so - they had a great time. I did check on Hazel a few times during the night, but was glad that it was with the knowledge that everything was OK.


Jennifer said...

Whew, glad she was OK. Bet she won't forget her 6th birthday! Poor baby.

peevish said...

Yes, this will be a tale to tell for her grandkids. Wish we'd been there!

blackbird said...

And happy belated birthday!