Friday, August 22, 2008


Jesse has been back at work since early August, so the girls have been home with a sitter for the last three weeks.  She's a former student of Jesse's, now about to enter high school as a sophomore, and just about the sweetest girl you could hope to meet.  She truly enjoys playing with children, often as much and in the same ways as they do themselves.  Consequently, she's become the Pied Piper of the neighborhood, and each day, when I'd come home for lunch, I'd see her at one or another child's house, playing in the yard, surrounded by all of the children in the 'hood.

One day last week some of these neighbor children were playing at our house - a couple that we don't see too much of.  They had recently "lost" a hamster of their own, so they were playing with our Dwarf Hamster, Curry. The next morning, Hannah noticed that Curry was missing from his (her?) cage, even though the door was closed.  Jesse and I exchanged mournful glances, thinking of the rat traps we'd set the night before (Austin + drought = rats!  in your house!), but I figured, you break loose, you take your chances.  On the plus side - we were down to no pets!*

Flash forward to yesterday, an entire week later.  The same children were visiting, and one just happened to open the hamster cage (yeah, I hadn't gotten around to cleaning it out yet - we were clearly holding out hope of Curry's safe return).  Anyway, she open the cage, lifts up the water container, and FINDS THE HAMSTER.  Still alive, although how I do not know, shrunken down to half her normal size, huddled underneath.  They gave her some fresh food, called Jesse and me at work to squeal, and stared at her excitedly the rest of the day.

I just checked - she's still alive, her fur is all cleaned up, and she's nibbling on a kernel of corn. That's SOME HAMSTER.


* I've NEVER not had a pet.  Growing up, we had horses, dogs, cats, goats, chickens, ducks, rabbits...often to excess.  I guess I did actually live without animals when I first came to University, but when I moved into a house off-campus my sophomore year, I quickly acquired a lab and a foster golden.  Oh, and the summer before, we lived in apartments and had what, one, two, three cats?  Somebody reading this will know, I'm sure.  But I had that lab, Rema, and then George, and not to mention Joey, our endearing deaf, epileptic cattle dog who talked to aliens and bit my roommate's grandmother.  And one of those first cats, who lived until after we moved to this house, and her satan-spawn Toast, who only recently left us...I think a few months with no animals (or at least, no animals aside from one teensy, shrunken hamster) are a GOOD THING.

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peevish said...

That is an amazing story, and reminds me of when Sally got stuck in the outside closet at your house for, how long? A week?

I long for a dog, but am so much enjoying having only 3 goldfish to worry about that it may be awhile before we have anything else.

Krispy said...

And it's funny that I remember meeting you and the house being full of pets - 2 wonderful dogs, 5 cats (Sally, Thomas, Sarah, Emily and ?), a ferret (who could forget Tiko) and I even think there was a hamster for awhile?