Monday, August 25, 2008

Today's Accomplishments. And Otherwise.

  • Led three hours worth of conference calls
  • (From home)
  • (With Hazel)
  • Let Hazel watch TV ALL DAY (see above)
  • Made Chicken Pot Pie
  • Washed all of the dishes
  • Went to the bank
  • Went to pick up Hannah from school
  • Took out the trash & recycling
  • Washed sheets, made bed
  • Bathed to children
  • Brushed their hair
  • Read them "Paddington"
  • Tucked them in
  • Again
  • And again
  • And one more time
  • Brought them water
  • Turmed down Hazel's music so Hannah could sleep
  • Tucked in Hazel AGAIN
  • Took her a squirt of lotion. She's an addict. A LOTION addict.

Not done:
  • I did not empty the dishwasher
  • I did not cry at Teddy's speech. Although he's not done yet.
  • I did not restrain myself from eating too much pot pie
  • I did not fold the laundry
  • I did not practise yoga today
  • I did not have a glass of wine. YET.


Jennifer said...

Maybe you should start drinking earlier.

Agent X said...

drinking during the conference calls would have been fun to witness.

Krispy said...

how many days to go?