Saturday, September 06, 2008

Fairy Tales

Last night we all piled into bed to watch  movie together.  Since we don't have a TV in the living room, bed is where we go for movies, which automatically rules out popcorn.

It was Hannah's birthday, and in addition to receiving the Into the Woods soundtrack and DVD from my mom, she'd also been given an iTunes gift certificate from that same Mama Jane.  After perusing iTunes for awhile, Hannah settled on the Camp Rock movie.  I convinced her to go to Target to buy the DVD, and save the GC for music, since a move bought from iTunes can only be watched on the computer or an iPod. 

On the way to target, we listened to the soundtrack, and the girls were immediately entranced.  Hannah really wanted to watch Camp Rock, but enjoyed the Sondheim music so much that she faced quite the dilemma.  We put in the Disney movie,watched the previews and the first minute of the movie, then she switched to Into the Woods.

The girls loved it instantly.  It helps that there is a narrator, and that the play is filmed so well.  Hazel clapped at the end of each scene, and we all laughed out loud throughout the play.  Hazel and I fell asleep before it ended, but Hannah hung in there until the very end.  Hazel's listened to the soundtrack all day today...great gift, mom!
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peevish said...

It is so good! I'm thrilled that they can appreciate it. Happy B-Day, Hannah!

peevish said...

"Isn't is nice to know a lot?
And a little bit, Not."