Sunday, September 14, 2008

They can borrow mine


Good grief - this clip is literally everywhere you go.

Here's a link to Jon's blog, he's got it:


Enjoy, finally!

I tried to upload this last night, but You Tube wasn't feeling it, I guess. If you didn't watch this yet, drop everything and do so now. if you've already seen it - what are you waiting for, watch it again!

Oh, and if the NBC gods take away the You Tube video, here's theirs:


meno said...

Dammit, it's gone!

Casey said...

I saw it earlier today at HuffPo and loved it. It was just right.

peevish said...

I saw it early yesterday at Bookhart's place. Awesome.

Anonymous said...

Apparently I was the first, I saw it when it aired. You know, on broadcast television. RABBIT EARS ROCK! Take that blogger trash!