Thursday, September 04, 2008


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peevish said...

Watch what now?

peevish said...

Now I see it! Of course, the daily show & jon stewart continue to rock my world.

I'm curious what you think about people questioning whether Sarah Palin should take on this job while she has young children, the youngest of which has special needs? I feel it is a valid criticism since, after all, this is no ordinary 9-5 job. Especially if McCain croaks while in office.

Sinda said...

What makes me sad about it is that she's a leader who, even before the VP stuff, as a Mayor, had her 4th child and went back to work the next day. "I had Piper on Monday and I went back to work on Tuesday." What kind of job is more important than spending time with a new baby? What horrible message does that send about priorities - to women, to men, to children, to Americans, to the world?

As for your point, I'm torn, since that question would never be asked of a man in the same circumstance. What I want is for it to be a valid question for all parents.

peevish said...

I think some people DO ask the question of men. ABout 6 months ago, when Barack and Hillary were still battling ove the nomination, I heard a Hillary supporter on NPR saying, about Barack, "His kids are too young for him to take this job. He needs to go home and raise his kids, and then run." I kind of agreed with her. Chelsea is all grown up, but his kids are so young.

peevish said...

Also, OMG! She went back to work the NEXT DAY? Appalling. She just wants to bring them into the world, but she doesn't want to actually raise them.