Monday, October 06, 2008

Full Circle

Oh my LORD, people! What is the world coming to, that's what I want to know.

I woke up to random people on NPR telling me why they are voting for McCain...how they normally vote Democrat, but they won't vote for Obama, and it's not because he's a BLACK MAN, no, not at all, it's just that he's...too smart? Too smart? Well, true, that isn't a problem we've had to think about lately.

I mean, I know the news I listen to is as objective as it can be, and I do appreciate hearing the OTHER side of the story from my own opinion, but at 5 AM? Before I've had coffee or even gotten out of bed??? There needs to be a warning about segments like that in advance so I can prepare.

It doesn't help that I went to bed after reading Frank Rich's editorial positing that Palin has BIG BIG dreams and that maybe McCain is SICKER than we know and we'll have a ticket flip sooner than we think.

I guess I should be grateful I can't remember what I dreamed.

OK, enough politics. Maybe.

It's been a crappy week, but I did have a good weekend. Last week - big project at work, all day every day, allergies so bad I thought I had strep, with devastating news in my extended family always on my mind.

This weekend - a trip to the Farmer's market, a day with Mosey, a night out with Hannah, and a Big Day for all.

For the girls' birthdays, we'd promised long ago they could each take a friend to Sea World, so yesterday we finally delivered on our promise. We spent the whole day there, riding (tame) rides, watching the Shamu show and the Beluga show, and feeding the dolphins. All four girls were great - it was really fun.

Saturday night Jesse and I each took a girl - he and Hazel went to Goodwill and found a great Halloween costume, and then went to Red Robin to eat and watch football. How cute is that? Hannah and I ate dinner with Aunt Bou and Mosey at the Clay Pit, and after we'd dropped them off at home, headed over to see Conspirare. I won tickets on Friday - all I had to do was talk to John Aielli. Ahem. Anyway, I did, so we went, and it was amazing. A nice balance of modern arrangements, staging and concepts, and traditional choral music. The program included a Carly Simon song, an Emily Dickinson poem, a Pablo Neruda poem (sung in Spanish but also simultaneously translated in English by one singer - it was very moving), several traditional spirituals, an Annie Lennox song... it was all stunning. Hannah was rapt, and stayed alert throughout the first part, but after intermission - after 9 PM - she slept on my lap for a few songs, waking up for the amazing finales.

Oh, and I forgot Friday night - the annual Bluegrass night at Jesse's school. Our favorite school event - we can ride our bike or walk there, all of the girls' favorite friends come, and the children have a wonderful time frolicking on the front yrad in the twilight as the adults catch up with one another. And the girls get to throw softballs to dunk Jesse in the tank - what could be better?

Now it's Monday, the news is on, and I face daunting deadlines at work. Sigh.


Agent X said...

my fav was the one who said Obama sounded too good to be true...what does that mean? that they will automatically vote for the guy who sounds like crap because heis sure to deliver?

peevish said...

When I hear Jim Zarroli's voice I simultaneously cringe and turn the radio up. Help me! I used to like his cute, odd voice. But now he keeps foretelling DOOM.