Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I know you care

So, you might not know it from reading here, but I'm still eating. I know, shocking! However, my food has been so boring that I couldn't even mention it. Now that it's been returned to the status of just "regular boring," I'm all over it.

Last night I geeked out on a Nigella recipe for sauteed bok choy and shiitake mushrooms, both of which were fresh from the Farmers' Market. Next time, we'll have to double the recipe. Jesse cooked, as per usual, and it was perfect - fresh, salty, silky...I'm in love.

(The salmon was incidental and hardly worth mentioning - next time, we might do shrimp or fried tofu, like they do in my favorite dish at Madam Mam's.)

I got more than bok choy and shiitake at the FM. See?

Lettuces, apples, chicken backs and necks with which I made chicken soup with knaidlach, eggs, milk, fresh shelled purple hull beans, mustard greens which accompanied chili and corn bread eaten during the UT game Saturday, Challah bread for French Toast, Buffalo Jerky, which the kids inhale, and pickling cucumbers, which they eat whole.

The girls really want to switch to a vegetarian diet while inhaling jerky, bacon, pepperoni, and drinking chicken soup by the gallon. We'll have to work on how we implement their plan.

On an unrelated note, who's doing NaBloPoMo this year?


peevish said...

I will absolutely Not torture myself through November this year.

I wish we could get purple hull peas at out farmers' market (we DO have the bok choy & shitakes!), but it seems like no one grows them here. I have such fond memories of them from my childhood, home-grown at my grandparents' house.

peevish said...

I mean "our".

Jesse said...

"I'm in love...."

With the dish, or me?

Vetmommy said...

I guess I am going to do 'PoMo again, although it does feel like torture...