Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Six things!

Blackbird posted a Six Things meme, and since I've been thinking about this recently, I'll give it a go.

1. When I do laundry, I sort by colors. I thought this was typical until several people commented on the fact that I REALLY sort by colors. Since I hang my laundry on the clothesline outside, I guess it's easier for people to notice that I wash my clothing as follows: Browns/Oranges, Greens/Blues (and the occasional Yellow), Pinks/Purples, Reds, Blacks, Greys, and Whites. Is this really so unusual? Also, I wash my Marimekko towels all by themselves, as they have lovely stripes and I don't want to encourage them to blend.

2. I constantly prioritize and re-prioritize what needs doing around the house - it has to be done in order, right? If I want to sit down and read, the living room has to be clean. But as I put things away, other opportunities for cleaning present themselves, and so I shift from one room to the next, re-ordering my actions as I go. Might as well get a load of laundry going first, it can wash while I work. If I'm recycling magazines from the living room, I should go grab those in my bedroom as well. Oh, I should make my bed so that when the laundry is done, I have a neat place on which to fold it.

OK, so I have ADD as well as OCD. But only about SOME things.

Also, this is why when Jesse takes the girls away to give me some alone time, only the last 15 minutes are spent relaxing.

3. I have tea and cookies EVERY day. Well, every day at work, anyway, I keep an electric kettle on my desk, and mostly drink Traditional Medicinals Roasted Hojicha. Sometimes I have savory snacks - this week, Sweet Potato chips and Sicilian Flatbread - and sometimes I have healthy snacks - mostly almonds, sometimes raw veggies - but I ALWAYS have sweets. Chocolate Pot de Creme, COOKIES, Hot Cocoa / Mocha...this is not news to Angela, who an be counted upon to either have cookies or be willing to get cookies in a pinch. When I managed a restaurant in college, I'd have dessert EVERY NIGHT. But, I don't typically buy cookies or pastries for the house. I may make them, if I have time, but I rarely buy them.

4. I've been so addicted to political news lately, I don't know what I did before and what I'll do after this election.

5. I'm almost always cold. A major joy of home ownership is being able to control the thermostat, which rarely drops below 78 in the summer. I keep a sweater at work and drink copious amounts of HOT TEA. If it drops below 70 outside, it's officially chilly. My mother, who not-so-secretly reads this, is the same way - but I think she gets chilly below 80.

6. I can't type. I mean, I can TYPE, but I never took typing, and I use only a few fingers and mostly have to watch the keyboard. Yet, I type QUICKLY. And OFTEN.

Ok, your turn! Consider yourself tagged.

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blackbird said...

I love this meme...well done.