Saturday, October 18, 2008


I spotted a Northern Flicker in our back yard this evening- neither Jesse nor I had ever seen one before. Now that we have, we'll never not know what it is again.


peevish said...

Wow, I never ever saw one until we moved here, where they are numerous. They have such a distinctive call, and that patch of white feathers on the lower back/tail in flight is unmistakable.

Michael is a sceptic. He just made the smoking weed sign with thumb & index finger.

mr man said...

I'm still a skeptic, but I'm thrilled for you guys, if it is: they are quite striking, especially compared to the normal Texas fare. I miss mockingbirds, and the grackles here are tiny and sparse (yea!).

I enjoy seeing crows and/or ravens: it's hard to tell the difference (the arc of their wings, in flight, is apparently the easiest (?!) way).

I still smile when I see flickers: lovely plumage.

Have you seen more?