Sunday, November 16, 2008



It was quite a scene around here last night, as you might have gathered. There was dancing, singing, shouting, whispering, and eventually, movie-watching.

As we went to sleep, I was gently chided about my propensity to wake up early when we're all together, so while I awoke at 6, I made myself go back to sleep (not that hard) and re-awoke at 8:00, to the sounds of giggles coming from the next room. When I finally left my down comforter, I found three lovely ladies all snuggled up in Hazel's bed together, waiting for me to make the coffee.

After we had coffee, Kristina made french toast, Lisa found bacon, and Jennifer and I helped out as best we could until it was time for mimosas and breakfast. Then, we read the NYT and watched episodes of 30 Rock until it was time for Lisa to leave.

Now my family is home, my house is ready for the week, and I think I'm getting sick. This comes as no surprise, but I'm hoping that either I'm imagining it or that it will be so mild I can still go to work without spreading the plague.

I will post pictures from last night, but not just yet...


peevish said...

What kind of sick? I've been sneezing since I left your house, and may be getting a cold. Is it that kind of sick?

Krispy said...

I didn't mean my comment about the early risers as a complaint.

and why did I make so much french toast?

and how can sneezing be related to the plague?! it's confusing! I had a little sneezing too in my illness.

my fingers are crossed that you are not bed-ridden!