Sunday, November 23, 2008


Another weekend, already over! Accomplished:

  • Purchased new lens for our camera for which Jesse's mom had given us a check back in April for our anniversary.
  • Got some new "soft" (cotton) pants for Hannah, new nightgown, with her participation - this is rare, she hates to shop, but I coerced her.
  • Bought Hannah a new Teddy Bear (see Shopping, above).
  • Hung out with the Krispy family at the central Central Market - have no recollection of when I was last there.
  • Bought a few gifts for people for the upcoming holiday OMG it's almost Christmas!
  • Cooked, see last night.
  • Washed EVERY BIT OF CLOTHING AND BEDDING in the house, well, almost.
  • Packed for the girls for upcoming trip, except toiletries, shoes, scarves, mittens, hats & coats.
  • Washed the dishes.
  • I put those clothes away, too, I didn't just wash them and leave them hanging around.
  • I read today's NYTimes, at least the parts I like.
  • Moved the computer back to the office (utility room, whatever) from the living room, to which I'd moved it last weekend.
  • Moved music from Jesse's computer to the family computer.
  • Bought Peanuts and Pink Panther videos, and Just So Stories, for iPods on upcoming trip.
  • Updated iPods.
  • Charged the video camera, charged the new battery I bought for the DSLR, put a new tape in the video camera, and uploaded all of the photos from the DSLR. Noted adorable pictures of Hannah & boys taken by Smith while at CM yesterday.

And it's only 6 pm now.

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