Sunday, November 02, 2008

Here's to Hope

The weather here is gorgeous - it will reach the low 80's today, and the nights are cool enough to feel it, but not to cold to prevent you from leaving all of your windows open. Perfect weather for pottering about, indoors and out.

The girls each have a friend over, and Jesse's taken two of them down to the Middle School to see the bunnies and chickens. The other two are pretending to be spies, running around with binoculars and notebooks.

I've done my grocery shop, and I'm working on the laundry. If you'll recall, the girls have asked for a more vegetarian (flexitarian) diet, so the only meat I purchased today was turkey lunch meat for Jesse. It's easy to accommodate a desire for meat-free meals when groceries are so expensive!

We're going out to Jovita's tonight, a great, greasy Tex-Mex South Austin haunt, so there's no meal for which to prep.

Instead, I'll spend some quality time with the New York Times, the last Sunday edition before 11/4. Hopefully, I'll really, really enjoy next week's paper.


blackbird said...

It sounds like a perfect day!

Vetmommy said...

Yes, let's hope we aren't weeping over next week's papers. As Tuesday gets closer, I am actually getting more anxious....

peevish said...

Me, too, Jenn!