Saturday, November 01, 2008

A little more

OK, I can do better than that.

We woke up early today - well, early for a Saturday after Halloween - and headed towards coffee and migas.

We needed a good, healthy start to the day, since we were bound for the Texas Book Festival (it cracks me up that when I went their site to grab the address, Obama was the first image I saw - this is funny since Laura Bush founded the book festival back in '95.)

We had to go to the TBF because BABAR was going to be there - and not only Babar, but his (current) author, Laurent de Brunhoff. Hazel loves all elephants with a passion, but Babar is her very special elephant friend, and she chooses his books most often once she's tucked in to bed each night. She even has a stuffed Babar that she chose from Sarah Hickman's garage sale years ago, and a Babar poster on her bedroom wall.

So, it was pretty sweet that she got to see her bud "in person," and that we got to see Laurent himself. If you don't know already, Laurent's father, Jean, penned the original stories, and when he died, Laurent carried on his work.

There was also an event perfectly geared towards Hannah, whose resistance to chapter books was finally worn down earlier in the school year by a Hank the Cowdog book. A friend at school kept sharing all the funny bits with her until she was finally convinced she had to read the books herself. The author, John Erickson, is a West Texas rancher with a down-home sense of humor that Hannah and the entire audience enjoyed. He brought his banjo and sang a few songs he'd written for the audio versions of his books, and she guffawed heartily.

We had a great time there, then headed back home, after picking up the weekly CSA produce (more green beans - YAY!). Now, Noah and Jasper are over while their parent celebrate their...let me think...12th (?) anniversary. Jasper actually arrived sleeping, and hasn't yet stirred, and the other three have been busy creating books since Noah arrived - cutting paper, writing the title page, noting who illustrated each book, when it was published, autographing the book, and then writing the book itself. They're having a pretty wonderful time, and look at me, I'm typing...wheeeee!


peevish said...

Cute photos!

ANd I even spoke very briefly with Kris today & forgot to say Happy Anni!

blackbird said...

Hmmm...I saw Babar too yesterday. He gets around!

Krispy said...

can I tell you again how awesome you are?

and over dessert S had to whip out the phone to do the math. He didn't believe me that it was 12 years....