Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Oh My

I was very pleased to fall asleep at 9:00 last night - I'm hosting a Party Weekend at my house in a few days, and thought it wise to catch up on my sleep in preparation.

Sadly, I was awoken a short time later by Hannah, who entered our room covered in what had been, several hours previous, a blueberry smoothie.

She was up off and on until almost 4:00 AM, poor thing, sleeping on our floor near the bathroom with the light on for easy access - what a trooper.

So now she's asleep, I've run into work already to fetch my computer, and I'm hoping the weekend doesn't get derailed by sickness. I'm washing my hands religiously. I need to go wash Hazel's now.

I'll leave you with two palate-cleansing halloween shots:

1 comment:

peevish said...

Fingers and toes all crossed. Poor Hannah. I hope today is much better for her.

Hazel looks super scary!