Saturday, November 15, 2008

Party People

Tonight's post brought to you by women who rock, aka People at my Party:

Burning Questions:
  • Is it cheating when a lesbian brings her new girlfriend to a girls night out?
  • Am I the only one here who hasn't had sex with a woman?
  • Is arugula meant to be a finger food? (yes.)
  • Why does Lisa really hate the Charlie Daniels band?
  • How do you really get that sticky stuff out of the carpet sinda?
  • Is it a party foul to ask "so when are you leaving?"
  • Can we please stop listening to the Backstreet Boys?!
  • What works better for a migraine, Imitrex, or Prosecco + Lillet + St. Germaine + Lemon?
  • Why is everyone staring at Paula's boobs? Maybe that's just me.

Dawn made a movie screen and I helped!


Jesse said...

Sounds like fun - I hope you won't be too hung over when we get back this afternoon!

peevish said...

It WAS fun.