Monday, November 17, 2008


We had a lot of fun Saturday night.

Old friendships were rekindled.

Cute hats were worn and poses were struck.

Two-stepping ensued.

Attitudes were struck as well.

There was singing.

And dancing.

A princess slept on a tack...and didn't even notice.

All night...

Luckily, she didn't notice this guy either!


peevish said...

Two-stepping is a lot easier than trying that butt-jiggling move. As is clear from the look of concentration on my face.

Vetmommy said...

Those are great photos! I hope you are feeling better. I had such a great time - still coasting on all that laughter. Thanks for including me.

Krispy said...

Lisa, you were trying really hard -- those photos don't even do you justice for your efforts!

I'm still laughing about the tack. and the spider. and the... (fill in the blank here.)

meno said...

Oh, i love a mommy sleepover! Jealous.