Thursday, November 06, 2008

Post Post

I snipped several cuttings yesterday that I wanted to share with you, but then I woke up today and the moment had passed. I think I'm just going to bask in the warm after-glow for awhile longer, and not let anything leak out. So to speak.



Monday night I was particularly pleased about our dinner - cornbread, pinto beans (tasty, tasty beans) and greens from the CSA. Hannah will eat them all, Hazel will eat everything but the cornbread, it meets the vegetarian requirement, it's simple and filling - perfect!

Then Jesse found a rather large moth in his greens, a moth who, in its death, looked larval and slug-like.

I can't help it, once I start thinking unkind thoughts about my food, I can't finish it. It didn't stop Hazel, though.

Jesse will read this and cringe, so I say for the record: I hold no grudge about who might have or might not have washed the greens thoroughly. Honest. I'm just glad that big bug wasn't on my plate.


Jesse can't get any breaks. Last night, he made a new recipe I'd found - I think in Deborah Madison's vegetarian cookbook. Fusilli, cauliflower, green olives, parsley, and ricotta salata. Only WFM didn't have ricotta salata, and the cheese lady recommended ricotta marzolina instead.**

When the girls and I walked in the house, we were met with a strong, pungent odor - so strong that the girls had a visceral response and were unable to contemplate eating. Hannah did taste her food, but really couldn't go any further. So they had canned soup, toast and an apple for dinner.

Jesse and I ate the pasta and it was really, really good. I'd say it's a keeper, once we find a new cheese.

** Upon googling ricotta marzolina, it appears that it is a form of ricotta salata? Jennifer, maybe you have some info here - are they equally malodorous?


peevish said...

I'm sure you could use just regular ricotta. Also, a dead moth wouldn't put me off of my food unless you only found a part of the moth. If it was intact, I'd feel ok about it.

Vetmommy said...

Sinda, thanks for thinking so highly of me, but I have no idea what the difference is, haven't even heard of marzolina. Sounds like a character from the Strega Nona books.

Were those cooked greens or fresh? I would hate to eat something a moth stewed in. Plus then its not vegetarian, right?

Krispy said...

We have also had a high number of green slug-like hangers on in our greens lately. The look sort of pretty (I'm sad to say) as they get sauteed with garlic and oil. I keep wondering if there are more lurking under the leaves I'm eating... I've been hyper-vigilant about the grooming of the greens before cooking.

sidenote: at CM today at noon it was CHEESE-O-RAMA. And I had some fabulous mouthsful of some italian cheeses, one being a lovely gorgonzola mixed with marscapone (for easier use in recipes.) Maybe your mystery ricotta is a hybrid?