Thursday, December 25, 2008

The Christmas Post

Last week was a busy one - in addition to work, and the traditional frenzy of buying and mailing, we had a few events to attend.

On Thursday, the girls' classroom hosted us at their annual Winter Gathering, in which each child performs an original poem, a traditional song, instrumental music, or presents a report. Hannah had written a poem and with her teacher's help, translated it into Spanish. Hazel and a friend presented a report they had written on Hanukah and Christmas.

Afterwards, we headed to Zilker and the Trail of Lights. Somehow, we've not gone for several years, and wow was it easier and more fun with older children.

Saturday, we hosted our annual White Elephant party, from which I have, alas, no pictures. Lots of kids this year.

Sunday we packed and headed to Houston, to celebrate Hanukah with Jesse's family.

We traipsed around Houston, where temperatures had plummeted into the 30's (gasp!), looking for fun things to do. According to the children, it was too cold to ice skate outside, but NOT too cold to play on a playground.

And now! Here we are! Home for Christmas!

The gifts were wrapped and placed under the heretoforeempty tree last night, the stockings were stuffed, the strada was prepped (sausage, eggs, bread crumbs, and sharp cheddar - yum), and the goods were procured for today's meal: Roast Beast, Yorkshire Pudding, Spinach, Mashers, and after, Baked Apples with Vanilla Ice Cream.

The girls are still asleep at 7 am, and for that, I am Thankful and Merry.

Happy Holidays!

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peevish said...

Happy Merry Christmukkah!

SO today we received ANOTHER copy of the Owen & Mzee board book, this one gift-wrapped. You need to check your records to see how many you've been charged for. I can mail one back to you, or to Amazon...