Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Of dogs and soup

It's been difficult to get back into the swing of things, now that we're home. We didn't get in until late Sunday night - past the girls' bedtime, at any rate - and hit the ground running with school and work Monday morning. I managed to fit in a quick grocery run at lunch on Monday, so we are at least eating, which is helpful.

We had a great trip. My grandparents, at 86 and 89, are just as active and able as ever. We ate great food, traveled far and wide to see the sights and distant family, and even managed to fit in a one-day stomach virus (Hazel. Thanksgiving Day.).

On Saturday, we visited my Aunt in Delaware, and her dog, Tristan. Her new husband was there too, but you'd never know it because Hannah took 100 pictures of that dog.

It was pretty sweet - he's an old guy, and he loved the attention the girls lavished on him. I loved seeing my Aunt and eating the most delicious mushroom soup in the world, from Talula's. I'd heard a review of Talula's on NPR recently, so I knew that you have to make reservations A YEAR IN ADVANCE to eat there. I didn't know my grandparents had been, or that they had TAKE OUT. DELICIOUS TAKE OUT.

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peevish said...

That is a really nice family portrait (photo #5). Where exactly do your Grands live, anyway? I know it is in the DC area but Michael was curious about precise location.