Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Day the Seven

It occurred to me, in a very unoriginal manner, that I don't have much to say on days when I work. I mean, I don't blog about my job, and my job takes up the main chunk of my day.

Otherwise, it's:
  • Woke up - later than I wanted to
  • Showered - ran out of hot water
  • Made coffee
  • Silently thanked Jesse for having made the girls' lunches
  • Prodded the children awake
  • Prodded some more
  • Gave them 5 more minutes
  • Dressed their inert or struggling bodies
  • Ignored their yelling
  • Placed food in front of them
  • Finished getting myself ready
  • Started the litany of prompts - shoes, hair, teeth, coats, lunch bags, let's GO!
  • Continued at louder volume
  • Still louder
  • Remembered I'd not yet drunk my coffee
  • Finally had everything and everyone in car
  • Remind girls to buckle, buckle, buckle!
  • Drop off girls at school - love you, have a great day, BYE!
~~~~quiet interlude at work~~~~
  • Pick up girls from after-school
  • Attempt to persuade girls to leave after-school
  • Point out that everyone else has gone, and the teachers really want to go home too
  • Buckle, buckle, buckle!
  • Drive the less than 10 minutes home
  • Throw snack in front of arguing children
  • Acquiesce to demands to go play Down the Street
~~~~quiet interlude~~~~
  • Call girls home
  • Yes, now
  • No, you should eat at home tonight
  • Yes, now
  • Listen to complaints about HORRIBLE food
  • Watch girls devour HORRIBLE food
  • Have nice dinner table conversation
  • Run bath
  • Argue about bath
  • Break up bath fights
  • Dry cold children
  • Read story
  • No, just one chapter
  • I told you one chapter
  • NO
  • Goodnight tucks
  • And tucks
  • And glasses of water
  • And tucks
~~~~quiet interlude~~~~

Repeat, daily, five days a week.


Vetmommy said...

Ha ha. Very similar to many of my days. Why does the morning routine require so much frequent and repeated prompting?!?

Gotta love those quiet interludes though, eh?

Krispy said...

ah. You have captured the part of my day with children too. why is it they are always fighting? Today J wailed on ME (!) after pouring him the glass of pear juice he asked for. Must not have liked the way I poured it.

And last night as I tucked N into bed he tearfully asked what we were having dinner TOMORROW night because he hadn't liked any of the dinners I've made lately... (which did include the awesome green chile stew. hey dude! I made some chick nuggets for ya too! geez.) It was the tearfulness that made it so sad.