Thursday, January 22, 2009

If you make it...

I was so tired last night, I fell asleep at 8:30 and STILL didn't want to wake up today. And I can't even blame it on cold, gray winter weather, as it has been warm and sunny this week.

But I did want to tell you about the dinner I made earlier this week, the one the girls inhaled and I actually ate again a few days later, it was THAT GOOD.

1) Pork chops. These were sauteed in the cast iron dutch oven in a few tablespoons of bacon fat, on each side, then removed, seasoned and added back in with butter and garlic. I basted them every ten minutes or so for half an hour, and switched them around each time, then removed them, added some white wine, and reduced it to a glorious pan sauce.

2) Fresh shelled beans, I think they were crowder peas, which I'd gotten from the CSA this summer and frozen. Per David Tanis, Jesse simmered them with sage leaves and a bay leaf until they were perfect. He made them on Sunday, and they were just right with the pork chops the next night.

3) Rumbledethumps. Nigel says this is a British thing, and who am I to doubt him? You Brits, is this true? Regardless, it was appreciated by everyone. Add mashed potatoes to shredded & steamed cabbage, throw in some softened diced onions, and season with butter, salt and pepper - so easy. Hannah said it looked disgusting and that she would only eat her one (required) bite, but then she scooped a huge spoonful onto her plate and allowed as how she'd HAVE to clean her plate now that it was there.

As I said, everything was so good I ate them for lunch again yesterday, and I rarely eat the leftovers. Jesse had taken most of the pork for tacos, but I got the last little bit, and all the sauce I could scrape out of the container. Even the cabbage & potatoes heated up nicely. It's a great way to use up green cabbage (and butter).

The night we ate this was the second - or third - night in a row that the girls had come home CRAZY. Weekends and weekdays after school, they roam the block like the young hooligans they are, but sometimes we need to pull them back in for awhile to calm them down, and Monday night was one of those nights. Luckily, they ate plenty of their dinner (full stomachs make for calm evenings) and since then, we've kept them home after school this week. I've read to them while Jesse cooks, and then he's read to them after dinner and baths, and they've been enjoying each other's company. Tonight is the third night now, I think, that they've chosen to sleep together, which they haven't really done for over a year. Right now, they're both reading magazines in Hannah's room.

So I guess what I'm saying is, make this meal, and your life will be better. Try it!

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peevish said...

For some reason I thought the Nigel dish had fish in it as well. I need to try it.