Thursday, January 08, 2009


Went to bed at 8:30 last night and felt MUCH better this morning. I think I wrecked myself over the holidays by staying up far, far too late each night, worshiping the laptop by the light of the fire.

Spent the afternoon with Hazel at the ENT and then the radiologist getting an X-Ray to prove to him that her adenoids are fine. I think they're fine, but apparently I'm not a doctor. We'll SEE who is right.

Did you know that Austin-area doctors can pull up films taken at the Children's hospital? Is this not news? Maybe it's true for all hospitals? Angela may know. At Hannah's ortho they pulled up her X-Ray, which made me think today to suggest that the ENT pull up Hazel's CAT scan from back in July. While it proved nothing conclusively about her adenoids, I did get to see it (didn't before), and the doc noted that her sinuses looked great. In JULY anyway, he clarified.

The weather was beautiful today, high 70's, so Hazel and I walked from one appointment to the next - very pleasant. We made a fire last night, and I turned on the AC in the car today - that's the glory that is Austin.

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