Tuesday, February 10, 2009


So, I got tagged a couple of times on FB for this one.  I’m not going to put it there, though…


1. Why 25?

2. I'm incredibly lazy. To counteract my inherent laziness, I just don't stop moving – because once I do sit down, I don't get back up.

3. I can read entire books in one sitting (er, lying). More than one, actually, if given the chance. Unfortunately, I haven't really been given many chances since I had children.

4. I like to re-read books. I give away books I'll never read again, and keep the ones I will. My bookshelves are laden with Dick Frances, Dorothy Sayers, Elizabeth Peters, Laurie King, P.G. Wodehouse, and other beloved authors. I always take a Dick Frances with me when I fly – his books comfort me. See #10.

5. I have no will power at all. Put cookies in front of me, I will eat them. Force myself to exercise? Why, no, thank you.

6. The only radio I (willingly) listen to is NPR – at home, in the car, at work…now, on my iPhone, thanks to the KUT app. Liberal media, much?

7. I do read a (slightly) wider swathe of opinions, from Andrew Sullivan and Megan McCardle to Matthew Yglesias and Nate Silver.

8. My office is FREEZING. I have to sit on my hands regularly to warm them up, and I wear more layers than the weather warrants, which annoys me. The thermostat is located in the office next to mine, and its occupant has south-facing windows in addition to the west-facing ones we both have. That means he is always HOT, and thus the thermostat is always set to COLDEST. For some reason, he doesn't want to give up his corner office for mine. When I do adjust the thermostat, I refrain from moving it to "WARMEST" and instead push it to the exact middle.

9. I have a very short temper. Especially when I'm tired. I'm not proud of this.

10. I'm not fond of flying. I'm able to rationally reassure myself that I'm safer in a plane than in a car, but I still, viscerally, don't like it. It's a combo of a fear of heights, lack of control, and too many Hollywood/CNN images in my head. I don't let my kids know, though. I haven't always feared flying, however; I first flew solo at age 5, and flew to visit family on an annual basis growing up, most often on my own or with my younger sister.

11. I like to sleep. In a perfect world, I'd go to bed at 9:00 and wake up at 7:00. Well, 8:00 would be perfect, but 7:00 is more realistic. However, I also crave solitude, so sometimes I stay up late just to get it. See #9.

12. I'm good at answering questions and solving problems. And did I mention, modest?

13. I love fruit, but I hate to prep it, and I don't like to eat it whole (like apples or oranges). In a perfect world, someone would prep fresh fruit for me every day. See #2.

14. We’re not to 25 yet, are we?

15. I hate crafting. While I admire crafts as products, I can’t stand to produce them myself.

16. For the first time in my life, I don’t have a pet. While I miss a cuddly mammal, I love the lack of urine and fur.

17. Despite what Angela says, I think I’m a good driver – but don’t we all?

18. I change my habits all the time, but currently I start my day with a ½ caff. / ½ decaf latte. Before that, it was a pot of French Press, and occasionally it is green tea.

19. I hate voice mail, but I love visual voicemail. LOVE IT!

20. I’m almost to 25.

21. I have a horrible long-term memory, but an excellent short-term one.

22. I walked two miles yesterday.

23. I can’t type. I mean, I’m typing now, but not properly. What did I take in high school instead of typing? I can’t remember.

24. I love sunlight & warmth.  Maybe I’m a cat? 

25. I love food – love to read about it, grow it, make it, eat it…but on a weeknight after work, want nothing to do with it. Thankfully I’m married to the most wonderful man in the world who also happens to be an excellent and diligent cook.

Anyone out there who hasn’t done your 25 yet?  Do share.

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