Monday, February 23, 2009


I spent the weekend messing with my computer. First off, my Lacie external hard drive is whacked, and on it resides my music and photos. Mind you, I've got a MAC, so I really don't know WHERE all of my files are, since iTunes and iPhoto do all of the heavy lifting for me and leave me in the dark. I'm sure if I worked on an Apple product day in and day out I'd know it better, but I don't, so there. I know the HD is cranky, and I know iPhoto and iTunes can't see everything they ought to, so I guess the missing things are on the HD.

I rebuilt the library in iPhoto which made it feel 95% better, although it didn't completely fix the problem I'd been having, wherein an annoying error pops up every time I import photos and I have to sit and cancel or escape it FOREVER. With that finally gone, I was able to import the 400+ photos from the camera, half from one of Jesse's school trips and half from Young Master Ulysses.

[Who is Young Master Ulysses? He's the point of the post - bear with me]

So, what with birthday parties and hangovers, it wasn't until Sunday afternoon that I was able to import all of the photos, and then it was taking too long to export them to Mobile Me or Picasa. Then, I saw the nifty iWeb button, so I pushed it, and ended up with an adorable, albeit cheesy page of baby photos. Email me for the link if you haven't yet seen it.

What baby, you might ask? Why, my new nephew, Ulysses! He came on Thursday, after a week of teasing, but he seems to be worth the wait.

Pretty darn cute, isn't he?


Vetmommy said...

He is precious. All that downy hair!

loop dilu said...

absolute vindication. such a lovely photo! (he is awfully good looking, isn't he?!)