Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Just to clarify, it's not just Spring that gets me so excited - it's the change of the season, any season, to the next. I LOVE change, I do.

So, what else have I changed lately?

  • My hair salon. I've been searching for that special someone for years, since Hazel was a baby, really. Before that, I had one go-to woman here in Austin to whom I traveled from Houston and San Antonio for years. She had a baby around the same time Hazel was born, and then she moved to West Texas, and I feel like my cute hair went with her. This weekend, I tried yet another new stylist, and it was love at first sight. Here's hoping it lasts!
  • My toothbrush. Krispy mentioned this recently, but at my last dental visit, I bought an electric toothbrush. It took a few days to get past the creepily strong vibrations, but now I don't notice them, and I can't go back to a regular brush - it just doesn't clean as well.
  • My laundry detergent. I've used Ecos for years, and I loved the way it smells and cleans and that it has no petrochemicals etc. But, in a fit of cheapness, I've switched to BioKleen, which shares those same qualities but gives me 64 loads for less than $10. Plus, there's usually a Mambo coupon and/or a sale at WFM on the stuff - I love it!
  • My money management. I've used Quicken since 1995 for online bill pay and record management, and I still do, I love it. This year, I've added Mint.com as a way to view my spending differently, and to quickly see my progress against small budgets I've set. I can check it online anytime, and they have a super iPhone app as well. This month, I'm exceeding my grocery budget, but well below my dining budget, so I'm good overall - I love how easy it now is to know that!
  • My face. Well, I still have the same face, but in the spirit of cleaning things electronically, I got a Clarisonic brush last November, and OMG I love it! Using it is like getting the perfect, most gentle-yet-thorough facial every damn day. And, I kid you not, Jesse noticed the difference within a week. LOOK AT MY PORES! Can't see them, can you?
  • My phone. My iPhone lost its little silence switch on Sunday, so I called into Apple Care yesterday morning. They set me up with a Genius Bar appointment, and the Genius switched out my phone in a matter of minutes. Due to the nature of my job, I've switched phones tens of times (sometimes in just one year), and this was the easiest switch EVER. Just pop out the sim, place it in the new handset, connect to iTunes, and it's exactly how it was. Hurray!
  • My posture. For real, yoga has improved my posture, and my life. I love you, yoga.
What about you, Dear Reader? Have you embraced any changes lately?

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Krispy said...

1) Ditto on the toothbrush of course.

2) Ditto on the shampoo (or lack thereof) you forgot to mention the no shampoo shift.

3) Due to my farm bin, I'm eating more vegetables and loving it. I get so excited to see kale.

4) The walk/jog thing I do in the mornings. I think it has even spurred DH to try Aikado, and jumpstarted my swimming again. But I still say I hate jogging, and yet I feel its wonderful benefits. I guess that is why I have to do it before I'm awake.

5) cast iron frying pans (do I note a copycat trend here? yes.)

and yet I relish in many things that have stayed exactly the same. that'll be a list for another day.