Sunday, February 22, 2009

In which I do not watch the Oscars

I've never really gotten into that whole scene, even though several close friends did/do. I like to see the highlights and the big winners the next day, but I can't sit through the entire farce.

On to really important matters:

Yesterday at the Farmer's market I scored some beautiful veal shanks from the French guy (you know, the one with rabbit, wild boar, duck, and this weekend, veal?). A flyer assured me they were ethically raised and died happy, but I didn't really need convincing. I also couldn't pass by a basket of tiny Brussels Sprouts, like perfect green jewels. So once I got home, I put a bunch of dried cannellini beans in a bowl of water to soak, and started scouring my cookbooks. I was tempted by Julia's version, but I really wanted to incorporate beans, and in the end, it was Amanda Hesser who came through for me.

I cooked the beans with aromatics separately today, then browned the veal, made a roux of browned onions and vermouth, then added the veal back in with a can of chopped tomatoes with basil. It cooked in my cast iron dutch oven all afternoon, and when Jesse took over, he added the beans back in. In the meanwhile, he made Amanda's Brussels Sprouts, which we've made for Thanksgiving every year, but never before with the requisite baby sprouts. Hannah was dancing around the kitchen with the glory of those sprouts, and I ate as many as I could. We served the stew and sprouts with mashed potatoes (I'd intended to mash them with turnips, but I ceded the kitchen to Jesse when a headache struck and he "forgot") and I for one ate two platefuls.

AND I am looking forward to leftovers.

I did have a headache, but Jesse administered tylenol, and I administered a Campari and Soda, and Jesse built a big fire and took over cooking, all of which conspired to do the trick. I indulged the girls with a late-afternoon viewing of Harry Potter, Movie the One, courtesy of Amazon video-on-demand, and am reading Mary Stewart's Madam, Will You Talk. I think I may watch Gosford Park later, to get a little more Maggie Smith in my day. Then, I'll go to bed, to speed towards those leftovers, which are already calling my name. Hope you had a lazy Sunday as well.


loop dilu said...

ahem. I suppose it's too much to hope for that we'd make it into the "really important matters" section of your post.

dinner sounds good.

Krispy said...

we are linked. In lieu of veal, we had pork tenderloin. In lieu of roux with onions and vermouth, it was onions and red wine. and well, instead of brussels sprouts, we had asparagus. but it was so similar you see?