Sunday, March 01, 2009


How did it get to be Sunday night again? I think if we could bottle that magic that speeds Friday after work into Sunday evening, we could sell it to emergency room patrons, people in queues of all sorts, expectant mothers...the list is endless. Instead, we helplessly watch it go by, trying to cram as much activity or stillness into it as possible.

Edited to add: I'll make a mint selling this magic time to people waiting for their computers to perform as desired, when desired. Mac Mini, you know who you are.

Saturday I ran to the Sunset Valley farmer's market and picked up some beautiful beef stew cuts, a bulb of fennel, 2-for-1 french radishes, a small, perfectly-formed head of cauliflower, two heads of read leaf lettuce, some scallions, and a bouquet made up of daffodils, paperwhites, chard, dill and mums of some sort. I ran home to drop off those goodies, the turned around with Hazel in tow to go to Academy and pick up PINK PINK PINK soccer gear, since she starts playing this week. This is going to be cute, folks. Then, back home to drop her off and back down the road to the gym, to rejoin. I was a member last summer solely for the pool, but Jesse and the girls have kept up their membership, and now I have one again as well. We'll see what I do with it.

The minute I got home we all piled into the car and headed to a fabulously well-planned and relaxed birthday party, at which the parents sat around and had actual conversations and the children created fairy houses in portable flower pots with marvelously provided materials. We stayed for six hours, because the hosts were too kind to kick us all out. We had a blast.

AND, since I'd forgotten to get our CSA basket last week because...well, because, that's why, Jesse left the party to go get them and then returned so we could stay another hour. Thanks, Angela, for the reminder!

This morning I woke with the sparrows to shower and make my grocery list before I left for yoga. For this particular teacher, one has to arrive 20 minutes early to ensure a good spot, and by good I mean one that doesn't involve asking 4 strangers to shove over a bit so you can squeeze yourself into a yoga-mat-sized spot. The class was wonderful, and timely as ever, as we were given some advice for cleansing during this crank-inducing period between winter and spring. So, it's not just me! While I can't have just one big meal in the middle of the day, I can drink ginger tea before-hand, as advised, and I can spin in a circle.

Sounds kind of funky out of context, I'll grant you, but I'll make the effort and see what happens.

After yoga, on to Whole Foods to procure the goods for the week, then home to cook THIS. Having just stopped myself from eating the whole thing, I can attest to its wondrousness. Lo, it is wondrous. I'm thinking the ginger tea cancels out the THREE POUNDS OF MEAT. Ahem.

Bou, I set some aside for you, and hereby state in public that I'll try to drop it by tomorrow during lunch. (Hopefully this will stop me from EATING IT).

I've also got vegetables prepped for work-snacks, since the kitchen fairies haven't yet done this for me as hoped, and garbanzo beans soaking with the intent of making work-snack-hummous tomorrrow. Angela, that means you're in charge of cookies this week. Please bring cookies!

If iPhoto weren't evil, I'd have some pictures here to break up the monotony of words, words, words. Sorry about that.

Oh, also, and Lisa, stop reading now (I mean it, stop), MI-5 really do kill a lot of people on their show, don't they?


Vetmommy said...

I trust you used cheddar cheese instead of making trotter gear for that pie?

You know, because it would have been an extra step and all...

peevish said...

Which season?? Season 3 has already sickened me with the loss of life and whatnot.

I can't stand to lose anyone else. I'm waiting to watch the last episode of season 3 & first of season 4. Should I just stop now? I'm not all that attached to Fiona or her husband, but losing Harry or Ruth would be too much.

Adam. That's his name. Adam.

Krispy said...

and KRISTINA! who dies?! gasp!