Friday, April 03, 2009

The First Tooth

So, it's Friday night, and our newest neighbor is having a happy hour for the whole neighborhood - a "stop by with food and drink and visit with your friends" kind of night.

I had a long week.

We heard the story about that one time our neighbor went across the street, to the other neighbor's house, she who is a Wiccan, and shot his gun across her door step saying, " You think you like the devil? I'll show you the devil, and you're NOT going to like him!!!"

Our Fire-starter neighbor came, and not surprisingly, lit a fire.

My phone rang twice. The first time, it was Hannah, begging me to come home through loud sobs.

The second time, it was Hazel. "Daddy gave me some cholocate, and I lost a TOOTH!"

I came home immediately, of course.

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peevish said...

Congrats to Hazel! (♥)
That note is a keeper.