Monday, April 13, 2009

Little Boidies

Jesse's gone again, this time camping for a week, and I haven't started this sojourn off as smoothly as I did the last one. I blame the Easter Bunny. And her chocolate.

I saw a bunny tonight, as I was taking out the trash, and was glad Moki didn't catch site of it. Glad, that is, for about a minute, until Moki did see it and took off, out of the yard, past the invisible fence, and across the street into the neighbor's yard. Oops. I saw three more rabbits tonight after that, so apparently the Easter Bunny laid real eggs. Quick-hatching Bunny Eggs.

And, oh! That reminds me that the wren eggs hatched while we were out of town this weekend, and now we have a nest of writhing baby bird beaks. Cute!

I'm all about segues tonight...anyone tried the birdhouseapp yet?

No segue: we went to Houston this weekend for Passover, and had a great time, very restful and fun. We drove down with my sister, her two boys, the dog, all of us, and it was an easy ride there and back, even through a tremendous downpour. Friday morning I got pastries from my favorite bakery, including amazing (whole wheat) Hot Cross Buns - the whole wheat truly was parenthetical. That night we met up with Jesse's dad and his wife for our traditional Vietnamese meal, which Hazel proclaimed "delicious!" while Hannah complained that we eat there too often. Hm, need a new plan for the next trip.

We saw cousins...

And held babies (Uly)...
And played with not-quite cousins...

And loved the introduction of the Kids' Table.

It was a great weekend, marred only by the knowledge that Jesse old have to turn around and repeat the trip today as he headed east.


phd in yogurtry said...

We've got some baby wrens, too, I think. In a birdhouse hanging in the backyard. Haven't been able to glimpse, too high up.

Congrats to your family on new baby Uly!

peevish said...

We have VERY LOUD baby robins in a nest close to our bedroom window. They wake me up every morning. They are somewhere invisibly high, yet apparently quite healthy, judging by their strong voices.

That photo of Bruce & Uly is so sweet.

Krispy said...

Yes, I love the shot of Bruce & Uly.

I was wishing for a kid's table at our Easter, but with 3 adults and 2 kids, it seemed a little rude perhaps. Maybe when the cousins are older I can convince the family that a child's table is a lovely idea for all.

no birds emerging from nests at my house. just cats. lots of cats. our house seems to be Switzerland and they all converge here.