Thursday, April 02, 2009

More about the dog

I didn't really know anything about Golden Doodles when we got Moki.

I knew people were out there making new hybrids every day - Hannah's obsession with the Puggle taught me that, at least. I knew I like Golden Retrievers, and I liked Standard Poodles, and I thought they might make a nice mix.
I imagined they might shed less, or be less allergenic. But I hadn't done any breed research, and I didn't really have any preconceptions about their temperament.

We've been really happy with this new addition to our family. At 9 months, she's enough of a puppy that she plays with us and with the girls, but mature enough that she obeys pretty well and doesn't overwhelm the girls with jumping and general excitedness.

She is definitely smart, and therefore prone to boredom, where boredom = MUST CHEW THINGS, so we've purchased several fancy toys for her, including a Kong into which you can stuff treats and which keeps her busy for hours. She likes squeaky toys, although she quickly dismembers them. We used to buy a lamb's wool gingerbread stuffed toy for George that we called "Isabel," and Moki really likes Isabel too - we've been through two already, and Jesse has decreed a "One Isabel a Month" rule.

She has another rubber squeaky toy he calls "Mike Wazowski," which the girls don't even get since we haven't seen Monsters, Inc. for years. Mike Wazowski is VERY LOUD and must be hidden most of the time. If she can see him, she'll get him.

She's eaten a few non-toy items so far - several paper items, CD cases and even CDs, Jesse's prescription sunglasses and case - luckily, the glasses were salvageable - a paper Chinese umbrella (sh, don't tell Hannah), hamster food, and the container which held the hamster food.

I think there's more, I just can't remember it all. So, we keep her in the utility room while we're gone, and until she's 100% reliable with the invisible fence. I'm thinking about allowing her to sleep in our room or the girls' all night, as she is housebroken, and pathetically sad at night when we shut the door to her room.

She LOVES to play fetch with a tennis ball, and as a tennis widow, I have a LOT of tennis balls available. They're now scattered throughout the house and yard, and as soon as we get home Jesse and I go out back to throw the ball for her.

She's great about bringing it right to you, and if you can't reach it, she'll pick it back up and bring it closer. She looks super-floppity when she runs to get the ball, I love to watch her.

So yeah, we think we'll keep her.


Agent X said...

Also...Moki is a GREAT dancer...you can't say that about all dogs.

peevish said...

I think you should post a video, so we can see her floppitiness in action.

KCB said...

Gorgeous dog. She just looks so darned happy!

Magpie said...

Hmmm. Someone, I've now forgotten who, told me that you had a dog named Moki. My mother's nickname was Moky.

Your dog looks like fun. My mother never ate a stapler.