Wednesday, April 08, 2009

More with the weather and the season

I know I've been blathering on about Spring for months, but that's the beauty of Austin weather - it just keeps giving and giving. In February our highest temp was 89 and our lowest 19. In March, our highest was 88 and our lowest was 26. Last weekend we hit 90 degrees and Monday night it froze...so Spring has had a lot of opportunity to shine, in my opinion. Where shine = not too cold, but not too hot, and cold weather is quickly mitigated by warmth.

All of which is to say that, apropos of Spring, I have several nests around the house these days. A family of Titmice found their way, as they do every year, into a birdhouse which hangs from a pole in the back yard. When I hang laundry, I can hear the little babies chirping away. A single mother, a Carolina Wren, built her nest in my geranium pot by my front door.

She's not the brightest of mothers, but she seems to have good intentions.These wrens are some of my favorite birds - I like their songs, and the way they fly off, quick and low, when I startle them by going about my life.

I've stopped watering the plant as frequently as I would like, and when I do, I just trickle water in. She has about 6 eggs in there, and I'd love for them to hatch out. She tolerates me poking my nose in every day - as long as I don't touch the plant, or spray water on her, she stays put. Which is fair.

Want to see her?

Happy Spring!


Casey said...

Great photos! How cool that you've got a nest so nearby.

peevish said...

SO cute!

phd in yogurtry said...

If I was to pick a place to nest, a geranium pot would be my first choice too : )