Friday, April 24, 2009

My day in pictures

There was no school today, so the girls and I headed to Changos for breakfast, then home again to get my wallet, than back to Changos for delicious tacos. We wanted to go to the Beauty School, Hazel for a bang trim, and all of us for pedicures, a brilliant idea I had about five minutes before Hannah walked in carrying my pedicure kit.

I wish I had pictures from the School of Beauty, but suffice it to say that the trainees were all young, had many tattoos and piercings, and wore black clothing exclusively, while the clients were older, blue-haired and permed, and female all. Hannah and Hazel made a welcome diversion for them I think.

Afterward, we went to pick up my sister and the boys, and eventually ended up back here, where my camera awaited me. Look at this smiler!

Mosey had something to smile about, too, but he kept a straight face.

Hazel played with her baby, and posed.

Don't they both look like deer in the headlights?

Much cuter here.

Meanwhile, Mokie got a makeover from Hannah.

Look again.

Would you believe such a sweet creature could be so vicious with a helpless squirrel?

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peevish said...

Moki looks very cute with the new 'do!