Thursday, April 16, 2009

Open Letter

Dear C i t i b a n k,

Yes, I'm glad that I signed up for auto-pay on your site. Yes, I'm happy about the environment, etc. Also, thanks for starting it up right away, I was glad to see that payment go through right when I expected it to.

But that late payment fee you charged me the next day was dismaying. And the difficulty I had in trying to contact you to fix it was ridiculous. Guess what - not everyone has their card with that 3 digit verification number handy all the time. I finally found a way to email you my complaint, and felt a little better when I saw you responded within one day.

But was it really necessary to email me to say there was a response, but make me log on to your site to SEE it?

And then, THEN!! Then you had the audacity to tell me that you would apply a courtesy credit, but that the payment had indeed been late. GUESS WHAT? NOT MY PROBLEM! I put the payment in YOUR hands, oh Bank of Cities, and YOU messed it up.

It might not surprise you that I was happy to see this: "click here to provide feedback on this transaction." I clicked with alacrity. And I found a survey. Fine, I thought, I'll respond. But by the 10th question, my responses began to get even less favorable. And by the 20th question, I was seriously annoyed.

Thirty-nine questions, C i t i b a n k? Was that really necessary? Has anyone given you favorable responses after undergoing interrogation comparable to that of the CIA?

I'm watching you, C i t i b a n k. Play nice, and give some consideration to improving your processes.


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Krispy said...

I wonder what it is like to actually leave them? I still remember the pain of leaving Discover...